Should I have went to see my ex?

He called me and said he wanted me to go see him but he lives about 30 miles from me and I don't have a car. He was going to pay for a taxi to come get me but I told him I feel weird going in a taxi. He has a car but won't come, and he said its up to me if I want to go see him and then hung up. He said if I love him I'd go but it's already dark. He won't answer his phone or texts now, what should I do?


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  • "He said if I love him I'd go but it's already dark" Basing from that, I would not go at all.


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  • I have been Reading and Re Reading this here, dear, and with my Final Answer... You both should have met one another Half way.
    I feel that being he made an effort to Offer to pay for a 'Taxi' which wasn't cheap, you could have made a Concerted Effort on your part to come.. If you had truly wanted to do this.
    However, being 'It's already dark,' do not know how long this was going on, he too could have taken the cab to see you, rather than get in his own car to drive this many miles.
    If he ever picks up his phone again, get on the same page and Compromise. Perhaps with none of That in your last Relationship was Why you are Both Now... Alone and sulking.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Sounds like something really serious. Go to him

    • But he won't answer now

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