Do you think I did the right thing?

So after breaking up with my girlfriend I told two of her friends (I always wanted people to know even before the breakup) that we went out because while we were together (3 Years) she kept it a secret from every living person. The first friend I told someone else to tell her cause we don't talk, she's really close to my ex so I'm guessing that when she asked about it my ex probably denied it seeing how my ex really didn’t want people to know so I highly doubt she was like “yeah of course it’s true”. The second one I told her directly, my ex had begged me not to tell them (with excuse like she'd lose everything, lose her friends a lot of BS) which made me angrier cause we're no longer together and she's still trying to hide the truth like W. T. F? I told them because they should know the truth, they tell her everything about their lives and she's keeping secrets from them and because she would have never told them herself and she’s living like the chapter was never written which is really frustrating.


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  • I do not Now see that it is really Anyone's business and even when you were Together, she had her own motives for wanting No one to know.
    Let sleeping dogs lie. It doesn't make sense that with you no longer these birds of a feather, why You should have to Flock to them in squealing and sqawking.
    With you chirping, you possibly may have now barked up the wrong tree. If you split up, it's going to be hard to just move on without one or the other, who I'm sure, the cat will eventually be let out of the bag, and may come back to bite you and Harder To... Close this cozy chapter.
    Good luck. xx

    • Sorry but I'm having a real hard time understanding what you're trying to say

    • You didn't need to say anything, you should have it let it rest.:)) xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence.:)) xxoo

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  • that is immature.. both of you are immature...

    • lol why?

    • she hides her relationship from her friends.. like a 4 year old hides her candy from friends.. and you are telling her friends what to make her mad.. this is something the 13 year old girls do...

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