How to get an ex boyfriend back?

No I will not settle for responses on how I should just move on and forget him, because for the matter of the purpose he might not be the guy for me in the future but he's the guy for me now. And we originally broke up because he wanted to get a job to pay to take me out on a real date, buy a car so I don't have to walk so far and get his own place so we could have more alone time. He's working on all of that and we've even spoken he's been keeping me updated, he's forally informed me over social media how he has "got a new job" "can't wait to buy a car" and so on and so forth. I gave myself a month and abit to let myself realize I don't want to get over this particular guy and I would like to give it a second shot. he claims he doesn't want a relationship rn but he clearly misses me So I need tactics? I figured one good way is to bring up great memories we had together, for instance I took a picture of the road we walked on to meet for the first time, it has the exact date of the night we had our first kiss. In our next conversation which is inevitable because he has been in contact with me quite abit I figured I'd bring up how I came across the picture in my phone and realized that was the night we first kissed? Good memories right. If u guys have any other tactics please make a list TThankyou ! I'd really love to get my ex back fyi he seems 50/50 on the idea he just needs some good reasons to want me back, and for the record I was wonderful to him he's just very stubborn


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  • With his Reason for the season of Why he broke it off with you, it seems he still in the picture. He is trying to get his life together so perhaps he can start over with you and make it better than before.
    He doesn't want to be hooked at the hip right now so go slow with his flow. You are this patient kind of girl who loves this guy Unconditionally and with all the memories, the history you both have shared, I am sure with you both nursing and nurturing things once again, there may Again... Be more in store than before.
    For now, he has told you where he stands but once on his feet, who Knows... It may not be a defeat.
    Do what you are doing, just take it easy and eventually, you may find yourself in the front seat with him, going on a date.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Talk to him about why he doesn't want a relationship. If he still doesn't want one you should still be in his life (talk to him) until he's ready so when he is, he'll want you. I'm not 100% this will work but communication is key.

    • Thankyou! I am good friends with his sister, and I have been at his house acouple times this week. And although he slept in his room he spoke to me and kind of flirted with me and looked really glad to see me but its a weird situation still:/

    • Your welcome 😊

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