Does is seem like my ex still has feelings for me?

Okay so we was seeing each other for nearly a year and a half when it ended in November last year. He entered into a rebound relationship straight after & we went NC for 5 months until he messaged me and apologised.

Since then he asks me if I'm seeing anyone, we've met up, he's flirted with me & brought up things from when we was together. He also shares he cares a lot. We've been friends again since end of February . He's now in a new relationship but since going on holiday to magaluf this week he's been speaking to me loads & checking up on me. Telling me to be safe, saying about putting on sun cream acting like my dad. He shows he cares for me a LOT still & he's made it obvious he's still attracted for me.

Im confused with what he's playing at with his girlfriend because he told me when they were seeing each other he wasn't keen on her & even when they got together and he told he pulled a disgusted face


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  • He seems to care about you, but I think in a more friendly way


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  • I think he cares about you as a friend and wants to keep the friendship with you. I don't get a feel that what he's expressing is leading to rekindling a romantic relationship.


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