Should I feel threatened?

My boyfriend and I have been togeher for close to 5 years. He cheated on me with someone who is still relatively close to his family (as in someone who could come over fairly easily). He said it was a mistake and that he wouln't do it again. We are back together. I just can't help but feel like at any moment she will come back into his life. She has a boyfriend but also was with him when my boyfriend cheated on me. He has not given me any reason lately to believe they would ever be anything again. She is VERY outspoken and I am the opposite. She actually knows more of his friends than I even do.

I know this sounds like a mess. But should I feel threatened? What should I do?
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  • He cheated and you took him back? Huge mistake! Leave him and never associate with him again. He cheated and he is still close to the person he cheated with. You don't need someone like that in your life. I don't blame you for feeling threatened! Dump that prick!


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  • If ur guy wants u tell him to cone out clean on what us his equation with her
    2ndly ask him that are u suppose to go through this nonsense cz of him
    Does he value u more or her
    If its u then he needs to make u feel secure


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  • It's okay to be cautious since your boyfriend cheated on you in the first place, but he did say that he won't do it again and that him and her will never happen again.

  • I would break up with a cheater.


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