Should I go out?

We didn't really had a relashionship. We were close and about to go out for a date. He canceled due to summer and the fact that it's not a good time to start a relashionship. I know he liked me because if I was only a hookup plan he wouldn't have cared about my feelings.
I am very very depressed. I am afraid he will move on. And I feel like if I stay "freezed" at home I won't know if he moved on.
Should I go out? All my family and friends say it's a good idea but it hurt just to think about it...
I'm afraid that if he see that I have fun I didn't have a single damn about it.


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  • Well I've been there that time were it looked like this could've been it, and all of a sudden it was called of. Unfortunately my case was because i had to move offbase overseas and she didn't believe in long distance relationships.

    What i did i just moved on with my life and now im grateful that i did because everything will fall into place in time, trust me. If i were you id go out there because after all dont we all have the right to the pursuit of happiness.

    So come on a beautiful girl like you won't have to worry about this just go out and lose your hair and have some fun, you never know if what you want is right down the corner.

    GoodLuck :D


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  • ... We didn't really had a relationship...
    Don't sit around with the baby blues, @FrenchGirl2, and waste your time and breath on someone who may or may not Ever... Start a relationship.
    Life is way too short and with this, there are surely other fish out in the sea. From where I am sitting, I don't need a fishing pole in hand to see that if this little fishy really liked you, he would have made some sort of Effort to take you out on a few dates, not just give you lame duck excuses of 'It's not a good time to start a relationship."
    Your peers are Right here, dear, 'Go out.' You may find that you were glad in the end that you did. And who knows... You may get another Better Catch of the day.
    Good luck. xx


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What Guys Said 2

  • You should go on a date with him and if he loves you truly i hardly believe he can move on

    • Well he called of the date 😞 I'm afraid that if he see that I have fun he would just put a cross on me

    • Nah i dont think so :)

  • Yes. You should. No one is saying you need a deep relationship, but it is good to get out there and see other people.


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  • You should definitely get out there again. If he didn't want to make the effort to see you then why should you place your life on hold for him? His reason for backing out is a poor one and I think you deserve better than that.

  • Y think negative
    Try thinking positive
    M sure things really not the way as u are anxious about


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