Why does he say not to talk to him?

And then get mad when I don't talk to him?


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  • maybe u say different things than those he wants 2 hear i guess


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  • Does he have a friend named "Mohamed?"
    I am laughing at this because I still have a husband out in Egypt Who... Is just like this in every way.
    It's just them having a hissy fit with saying "Don't talk to me." However, when you don't talk, they come looking and lurking for you in some way, still in a frenzy, like my husband does to me whenever we are Broke up and not speaking, and even with This... Will Not speak until he is ready and even then, unless he is really mad.
    Good luck. xx


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  • He expects you to make him feel wanted

    • Like he wants to get back together, but wants me to chase him to prove he's special? Or just for an ego boost? To tell the truth, he is wanted more than anything, but if he says he doesn't want me to contact him, I'm not.

    • Yes ego boost

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