Ladies, have you ever gotten back with an ex? How? Guys:How'd you get an ex back/what did your ex do to rekindle your relationship?

What were your circumstances? How long were you two dating before you broke up? How long before you got back together? Why did you break up? How'd you get back together? Did the relationship last a healthy and happy amount of time after reuniting? For the guys, bonus points if you share how you would accept going back into a relationship with an ex if you broke up with them.


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  • I have never had any desire to get back with any of my exs. You broke up for a reason, right?

  • Yes, I have gotten back with an ex. We broke up because the was a sense of appreciation missing. We were together for 03yrs prior to the break up (more like break) . We didn't speak for 4 months and in that time we both found that we really love, missed, and appreciated one another. We got back together because I picked up the phone and let him know it was time for change. &. Since this day we got back together we are 03yrs & 08 months strong.


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