Is this a good reason never speak to him again and to block his phone number?

I almost loved him. Really loved him. But he lied just so I can be a hook up I guess. I didn't have sex with him but I let him be more intimate with me than other people from before. He out of no where when he said it was ok to date other girls from not in his culture before, said ithat he had to and he was just messing around. It was confusing because I thought he was being honest before. I said what ever lets make out again and I told him when he contacted me a week later to stay over no and i dont want to with somone who sleeps around but we can still hang out. He didn't respond for a week and half and told me his family pet died and called me about that. I felt bad so i answered but i planned to never speak to him again we talked for 2 hours and he said we should be friends still.

Now its worse, I messaged him 2 days after to see how he was and he said good and made small talk but then didn't respond again.3 weeks later he acidently called me , and I 2 days later said sorry to miss your call. and said it was accidental and i said sorry and lol and asked how he was. No response but I saw him on tinder looking to fool around with girls from his culture.

I really opened up to him, and was kind and talked ot him about his pet dying although he hooked up with me twice and was a jerk about it because i felt sad. and he can't even respond to my text. I was so hopeful because i started to care about him a lot that maybe he can get past those things, I wanted to in the future have it be possible for us to talk but I cried all night and couldnt sleep once I saw his post to mess around with other girls. I feel like if someone is ignoring me so much and they dont care that i should pretend he doesn't exist and disapear so he can't see me ever. But I like him still. I would want to talk to him and tell him how I feel. Its tough.

I now erased the app that he can contact me on and see where I'm at and stuff, and I am thinking of bloc


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  • There's always going to be the cultural issue. Pull that dagger out of your heart and find another guy.


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  • He is keeping you as an option

    • ? how do you mean, if he's not responding to my messages and being like really neglectful, its so dumb because i do actually like him and i have been caring and understanding.

      I've never experienced this so i feel like the option he's keeping me as is one to hook up with? Do guys treat the girls they truly like like this, I dont think so. I blocked his number because I feel like if I didn't and he callled me i would answer and ignore him treating me like this. is that a part of love that he can completely crush me if he feels like and i feel like he would

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    • should i block his number so he can never contact me again? :/ I haven't been with guys befor so I had no idea

    • You can do that
      But jus stop hearing all the explanations now
      Its too much

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  • What did he lie about?

    • He said he would date anyone he wanted to and end up with who he wanted to. Also he said once he finished some aa or rehab thing he would get into a relationship and I said as long as there's a chance i dont mind waiting. The next time i saw him he said he wanted to finnish aa to meet a girl from his culture and that he had to marry a girl form his culture and saw a cute one on fb. as we were out on a 'date'. I was confused and sort of surprised because id dressed up and was excited to see him and ended up being dejected the rest of the night.

      after that is when i stopped contacting him first and he called to come over, and then about his dog dying weeks later

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    • And he doesn't even respond to my text now or care to, and we talked about stuff that was personal I felt comfortable with him and happy but I can't have my feelings stepped on after being lied to and him not doign anything right, so Im on the fence of blocking his number so he can't contact me ever. I dont know if its me being defensive because of my childhood or if its rational and a good idea if he's just gonna try and use me in the future and I'll feel stupid. I'm getting too emotional and he doesn't care so I think if i just leave him alone or take any bait from him because I like him so much.

    • Will you give me one?

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