I fear he is cheating.

My boyfriend contacted me over 3 hours ago. He doesn't tell me where he is going, or doing. At first I didn't worry. He had told me he might be going to his father's, but won't answer my calls or texts. He hits the ignore button considering it rings twice and goes to voice mail. This really upsets me. He did this before, and when I asked him what he was doing, he said he couldn't remember. He claims he would never cheat, or do anything to hurt me, but I fear he is cheating. I don't want to assume this.. any and all help will be appreciated!

now it goes straight to voice mail.


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  • Well if he could be cheating or you think he is up to no good, set up a fake Facebook with a pic of a girl he would like, try to talk to him flirt get with him, ask him does he have a girlfriend would he want to meet up, and if he takes the bait then he is a cheat...but if its just your trust issues playing with your head just let it be if you text or call him and he doesn't pick up just wait for him to call or text you back...and I know how you feel its nerve racking because my boyfriend has done that to me numerous times and your just like what is he doing! And before you know it you have called 3 or 4 times but when you do that it just frustrates them so then they don't bother answering back. Patience is the key and if you continue to wait for his response after you have tried to get in contact with him one time and he doesn't even bother answer your the whole night and tomorrow comes then question him.


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  • i feel for you, being ignored is the one thing that really drives me crazy. take a deep breath and think about all his faults, don't let him make you feel bad. there's nothing you can do about it tonight, so try and get your mind off of it tonight, and write down all the questions you have for him and what you want to say to him, so that when you get the chance, it won't come out as crying and screaming, but it will be thought out and straight forward. you'll sound in control.

    • I did nothing to upset him or give him a reason to ignore me. this is the second time in a week. The fact that he couldn't remember bothers me. I feel he doesn't want to remember or tell me.

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    • We haven't argued.. actually its been a really good day for us. he got a friend request on MySpace from a girl from DHLTA. I have no idea what that is.. that scares me.. I'm really worried.

    • Pretend that his phone went dead and he's at home watching t.v., just so you won't go insane. try to relax... stressing out won't do you any good. you can deal with it later.

  • There is no way he can't remember what he was doing. Even if he got drunk or something and doesn't remember much of the night, he could have said "i got drunk and don't remember what really happened or where I went..."

    He obviously has something he can't tell you about. He is probably cheating. Don't know what kind of cheating, but something to hide for sure.


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