Why is my ex's new girlfriend so mean to me?

A couple years ago, I dated this guy who treated me terribly. Now he has this new girlfriend and she's ridiculously mean to me. She gives me that rude up and down look whenever I walk by her on campus and she makes fun of my appearance if she's with a friend when she sees me. Worst of all, once while she was drunk she started banging on my door and proceeded sit up on the railing of my portch and yell "BABE LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!!" to my ex. I've never even met this girl. My ex and I haven't talked since we broke up and it was two whole years ago. Why is she being so awful? What could it possibly be doing for her and why can't she just leave me alone? Please help, I don't know what to do.


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  • Usually the new girl worries a guy still secretly loves his recent ex.. so she acts hostile and jealous, no matter how careful the ex behaves around her


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  • Usually girlfriends and ex girlfriends don't necessarily click anyways. Just ignore her though and don't let her get to you. That's what she wants and she will feel like she ultimately won in the end


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  • just ignore her.


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