Break up means it's really over?

Not talking about lovers spats here.

I'm still in my first relationship so I can't say, but I'm convincing my friend she has to move on and and stop hoping and begging for her ex to leave his new girlfriend.

People, are break ups permanent? Or do you think you have hope reconciling?

I think people who break up and come back together will only break up again and end up in a cycle. Unless it's a break up due to distance I don't think I could fully trust a guy to commit to me again once he has left once.
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Kind of interesting how only women think break ups can be redeemed... Why is this?


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  • You said a Mouthful, @Kalible. Never can be trusted or should be Lusted again as well.
    Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up. However, when another newbie comes into the picture and he Or she decide to come back with their tails between their legs, it will Definitely be a Full circle problem pattern and what I call a "Triangle Threesome, where You are way at the top, looking down, side to side, at the Both of Them.
    Good luck, Good thinking. xx

    • So basically, not if one of the two gets into a new relationship?

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    • Haha, no problem, I think the same, I don't understand why people do it?
      If someone leaves me once, that trust is broken, if you can abandon me once how can I ever trust you to stay again?

    • Many times it Can't be trusted, @Kalibie, especially if it is a relationship where Cheating was involved. However, I may the One Exception to the rule of thumb, where I have a husband out in Egypt and as many times as we have had many a breakup and makeup and hen tried to be friends, we ended up now deciding it was Each Other, No Other for us and continue to be birds of a feather. lol:)) xxoo

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  • frioendzoned more like


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  • In my case me and my ex broke up multiple times and got back together like you stated the "cycle" I'm not sure it it's permanent but I always have hope it would work out but usually it doesn't :/


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