Is there any chance of me getting my girlfriend back? she said she didn't want me to wait for her because she had a busy Summer is this true?

My girlfriend said she had a busy Summer and she felt like she wouldn't have any time to spend with me. I later found out this was a lie, because my friend asked my Ex girlfriend's best friend why she dumped me. I found out that the real reason she dumped me was because i was too awkward. I feel like if she truly cared about me she wouldn't have lied to me about why she was breaking up with me, and if she truly cared about me she would've told me that i was being too awkward, and allowed me to try to fix it before breaking up with me. So i believe she didn't/doesn't care about me anymore, but I am, and have been depressed about the breakup for a little over a week. I also miss her a lot, and feel like my whole Summer is ruined because of this. What should i do about this?


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  • @Raciocinative has it spot on.
    Just move on and have fun, if she changes her mind, she knows where to find you.
    Just let her be and chalk it up to relationship experience. Your young, chances are you will find better anyway, most people always do.
    Maybe think back to any faults you might have and improve yourself, it's always a good start.
    Worst thing you can do is chase after her or beg, just leave her completely alone. If she still has interest, she will reach out once she is curious enough about you, than its a new game, the balls completely in your court.


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  • lol, you're young so it's understandable. Women will almost always lie about the reason they're breaking up with you.

    Women are physically smaller than men, and there are a lot of creepy guys out there, so rather than risk any potential confrontation a girl will just make up an excuse like "I'm busy" or "I'm just not in a good place in my life right now" or "you're too good for me you deserve someone better".

    If a woman wants to spend time with you she will make sure you know it. If you ask a girl out and she doesn't give you a definitive yes, move on. If she changes her mind and does want to go out she'll make sure you know.


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