Whats the difference between a Break and a Break Up? Whats ok to do and whats not ok during a break?

Me and my boyfriend are on a break... It was his idea not mine. Ill ask another question about this break later...


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  • Everyone has different rules for breaks. Some people talk everyday while on a break and others don't. Some people think its acceptable to hook up with other people and others don't. However I do not recommend breaks in a relationship. You should find out why your boyfriend suggested one and try to work out the issue at hand. If the issue is unworkable then a break won't solve it and you two should just break up

    • I already know the reason but that's for another question later. And I know. But thank you

  • Break is like you watch a movie but u have something so u pause it and then get back later to see it
    Break up is when u don't come back to continue seeing from whr u left
    Do what u did when u were in ur relation
    Jus don't do something that would b inappropriate for your relation
    Like don't cheat or have one night stands etc


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