What's his deal?

I was with my boyfriend for almost two years and even lived together for six months, he moved with his aunt to help with rent. He then became distant and after a few weeks decided he needed "some time alone" and that was three months ago. But we continued to talk almost everyday and saw each other a handful times over the course of two months but he told people he was single... so i literally asked him what his thoughts and feelings were about everything and he didn't respond but instead texted "yo" a few days later. So i never responded. Now it's been six weeks and we haven't spoken at all. I decided to message him on Facebook since he got a new phone, and he answered back right away and was interested in how I've been, but then he posted a pic with some chick on instagram saying it was a date. But he's still messaging me.

A little background: we aren't friends on any social media except instagram, and i only kept that because he never posts on it. Or at least he didn't until i stopped the other things (Facebook, snapchat, etc.) Now he posts on instagram all the time, and now with this "date" picture! I kinda feel like he's doing it on purpose a bit So that i will see it... he never posted pictures of us and we were together for to years!

Soooo if he's on some date, why message with me?


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  • He wants to make you jealous just ignore him


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  • It's his way of telling you He is breaking up. He's basically a coward to tell you to your face.


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