Im scared to tell my mom, how do I tell her I want to get back with my ex? Help?

My ex was controlling and minioulatiing, was not very 5050 in the realtionship i did everything, my family didn't like him for the second time they me him beause of my brothers being impolite. he has realised within the months i had left him for what he had done wrong, what he needs to do to be a better person and boyfriend and how to treat me right because he knew he hadtnt and he said this was a wakeup call and he loves me and doesn't want to let me go.
I split with my ex about 2 to 3 months ago and we worked things out now he has changed for the better, i have seen strong and big improvments. when i broke up with him just before broke down when i couldnt take no more and my family know about what he did and how bad he hurt me.
I love him so much and he is my first love and everything and weve sorted things and i want to be with me but i dont know how to tell me mom because it broke her heart and i dont want my family to hate me for my choice. this is my boyfriends 3rd and final chance.
The only things stopping us is my mother and family which is two older brothers and step dad from when i was 4, i have met him once ot see how it is and not todl my mother and i can definatley see a differce, he's got hiself a job again now too as he broke his arm from last one which i looked afterhim. his making new changes and improvments in life and wants me to be a part of it,

so what do i tell mom and the others?
also my mother is one of those moms who wants to know what i do, where im going, time im going out, be back, who im with, why i am all the time!


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  • Sit down with your family and explain everything you have said to us. Tell them that as your family you would like their support in this and it means giving him one last chance too. I am sure they will not make his life difficult but will hopefully step back and let you live your life and give this a try. I had an issue recently with my partner where it almost got physical between my dad and him and i stepped between them getting hurt. As you can imagine they have stopped supporting our relationship but they still make him feel welcome in their home. It is about being the bigger person and I am sure your family can do that...

    • im worried because my family are very strong minded and old fashioned, my mother said she would not let me see him again over her dead body and if i do she wants nothing to do with me or pack my bags and get out.

    • think about it, this is a deterrent. she has told you this to discourage you from being with him. The last thing she will do is chuck you out! Then she is forcing you in to his arms... she will keep you close trust me... but be honest and tell her you dont want that to happen and if she loves you she will support you.

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