What to do when contacting an ex for the first time in a month in a half?

So I haven't talked to my ex in a month. I'm going to try calling him on Thursday.

(He said he had lost feelings for me. We dated for 2 years.)

What should be the guidelines.


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  • I would be REAL cool and calm about it. Don't let your emotions come out. Just think how cool you are, call him and ask him about things in general. Sometimes if you act like you did when you two first went out with each other, he sees what he is missing! good luck hun. Keep us updated.

    • I'm going to be calling him on Thursday, so I'll def. keep you guys updated. Thanks for the advice. I'll let you know how it goes.

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  • Well it depends on what you want. Whatever it is just be upfront and honest about it

    • I want him back. But I can't go begging him back. I think that is the opposite of what he wants to hear. I just want to see how he is. See what's new in his life. I don't know. I mean I haven't gotten rid of his stuff or anything. But I don't know, if he doesn't seem to want to talk to me, I'm going to burn his stuff, and forever start on a clean slate, and trying dating some else.

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    • Good luck :)

    • Thanks. : )

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  • awwww sweeti , I was in exact same situation last month ... jst that we broke up because we used to fight WAY TOO MUCH ... and yeah I must say I wanted him back after the one month break .. but when I saw how distant and shallow he was .. and not talkin to me like AT ALL .. I lost interest, seriously , just give it time hun and it will go away ... its life routine lol ! peace up !

    • Yeah, life's routine when you date someone for 2 years, it's not as easy. Everyone is saying no contact. But what is one last attempt going to do. After, this if I don't get anything out of it - it's burning time. I'm burning everything that has ever reminded me of him.

  • dont call him at all. just move on. if you see him in the streets you can stop abd say hi how you been. but besides that lose all contact. if he wanted to speak to you he will call u.


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