Girls, Do I ignore her or talk to her more?

Im trying to get back with my ex. To do this do i need to ignore her for a little bit and let her miss me? Or do i need to keep talking to her let her see what she liked about me?
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  • With an "EX" that always seems to Mark your heart with an X in your own softie spot, @Bowshots86, let her alone for awhile, give her some space and let her have a chance to Miss... Your face.
    With Absence, many times this makes the Heart grow fonder. This way, one day, when You least Expect it, she may surprise you with her own Text or even be happy that You pushed a button on your own End... In the end.
    Good luck. xx


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What Girls Said 2

  • Patience is virtue

    • That doesn't answer my question though

    • Ignore her for a while
      Make sure its not beyond 2-3 weeks

  • keep talking to her.


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