Does my ex boyfriend really care about me as a friend or he maybe still have feeling for me?

my ex boyfriend told me that after we break up we should stay friends so I says okay, but than he started acting mean and ignore toward me for no reason, but that time I still has feeling for him now I don't have any feeling for him so I thought that was the reason why he is being mean to me and ignore at me too so I decided to move on is the best, but now he is still being mean to me and ignore at me its just a little bit. Anyways he dates girls that is around me like he date some girls on our classes and he use to date some of my friends too back in the pass, but they are says no to him because they know he is my ex and they don't do that to me. Also he likes other girls pictures instead of mine and he never text me first only I do sometime I feel like he is not interested in me. Also him and I always agure some agure I told him to stop and he keep on doing until someone says stop and sometime when he was alone I feel like he is stare at me in the corner of mine eyes but I was not sure. He always says that he care about me as a friend but he doesn't act like it one of my friend told me that maybe he is showing off to his friend that he says he care but he doesn't care I don't think he does that. I told him that if he want me gone I can leave and he says no I won't do that to me so I don't know if I can trust him on that one.
Please help me because I don't know what to do and I am sorry if some sentence doesn't make sense


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  • He's always going to care about you. But that doesn't mean he wants to get back together


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  • forget this guy? move on.

    • Before I move on and forget about my ex boyfriend is it okay if u can tell me the reason why he does those thing to me?

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