Girls, I wan to talk to her, but I feel there won't be a reply... advise after you read details?

in a nut shell, things went well. we never argued, never had rough spots or anything to that point. then one day she texts me and says she doesn't feel like she can be in a relationship and breaks everything off...
we kept in contact for about two weeks, she then claimed that it was irritating her that we continued to talk. i left her alone for a week adn then asked how she was doing she replied and asked the same... since then weve cut all connections from each other... i distanced myself to clear my head, i think she did it out of spite... now im over what happened and want some closure... how do i this without coming off as desperate to talk to her...


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  • Since she made it clear you might have a hard time getting closure. It might just make her irritated or upset. But if you feel you can't move on without it, just shoot her a text and ask if you can just talk for a little and tell her what you need... I think she'll respect that. But if she says no, just let it go and try and move on :)

    • I think I'll just move on lol
      I've sent her a text before like a week ago, no reply.. then i sent her another today that was vague.. just saying happy 4th... I 'm starting to think she blocked me or her ignore game is strong lol
      but I've met someone and am moving on realizing there's no hope with her ha. If she wants to talk later down the road she can come to me

      would it be too much if i called? I dont want to cause more damage, and seem desperate to talk, then whats already been done lol

    • if she's not answering ur texts, she probably doesn't want to talk :/
      just let her come to u if she decides that what she wants

    • that's what i figured... I mean it'd be nice if she told me why, like I don't care if she left because she thought she found someone better but to just leave someone in the cold like that is just wrong.
      yea that's what I'm going to do, who knows maybe I'll see her around at school and she'll want to talk... lmao... who am I kidding lol. But if she ever wants to talk the door will be open, no sense in holding a grudge for something so petty

  • Just text her and see what's going on


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