Can you really move on in this short time?

Me and my ex broke up 5 weeks ago, we was together 3 and a half years we was engaged, living together and he brought up my son for 3 years who he adored, we had only planned and booked our wedding 2 weeks before we split up. He left me and immediately started talking to loads of different girls commenting on their pictures on Facebook now 5 weeks after he has a new girlfriend already. Even though I did nothing wrong to him he's very bitter towards me, won't have any contact at all with me (like over our joint house). he's with a girl now who is very similar looking to me and haa a boy exactly the same age as my boy, u can't understand how he might find this difficutl? he's been so spiteful towards me and it hurts so much. He's made a point of putting things about her on his Facebook knowing I can see, how can someone move on so quickly?😣


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  • There must be more to the story unless he's a complete sociopath.
    I mean, how and why did you guys break up? Under what circumstance?
    It's not entirely uncommon for people to jump from one relationship to the next to fill a void... But no, I don't think it's possible for him to be completely over you after a three and a half year relationship, being engaged having attachments to your son... There's just too many bits of information missing for me to be able to form a whole picture.

    • He said it was because I was accusing him of seeing other poeple and didn't believe we're I was.. he was alright when we split until I found out I was pregnant then he became nasty and wanted me to not keep the baby and wouldn't speak to me again. He wouldn't speak to me about the baby only through my dad including the house he said he didn't want to see me let alone a baby with me.. tried to say to him if you was that over me it wouldn't matter discussing a house with me

    • Yeah... I'm sorry to hear that, I'm guessing you're saying its his baby and he doesn't think it is?
      I'm a little confused, so you both thought each other was cheating?
      A simple paternity test would show if its his.. I know it must be hard and you don't have to air all of your stuff here... But am I somewhere in the ball park here?
      Sounds to me like he has some bitter emotions, I'm just trying to figure out why, or at least why in his mind might he be behaving the way he is.

    • Can you message me so I can discuss it rather than on here?

  • First, I'm so sorry for you and your son. You shouldn't have to go through that. I know it may seem sudden to you, but he moved on long ago and lived a lie until it all came apart. Something brought this on, though. Did you fight often? Was he quiet and withdrawn for the last month or two?

    • Not really, he was fine still tagging me in things one facebook he booked the church..

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    • I am 100% sure he was not seeing anyone else looks as if he's met her since me

    • There's a couple of possibilities - he got cold feet and this was his stress response, or he'd been thinking about doing this for awhile and didn't want to fight about it with you. Possibly a little of both.

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