Should I reconsider taking him back?

Me and my ex had a great relationship all until recently. We would fight over stupid things and i think it was out of stress. He says he needs space and loved me but wanted to be left alone. During that week of NC, he was talking to this girl who he had went to school with. Now listen, my ex has never once contacted a female like that ever in our relationship. She actually messaged him and they started talking and catching up. Come to findout, They were talking all week and i saw the messages. Thursday, i ran into my ex and he actually took me out to eat. He says he wants me back but doesn't want fights. He also signed up for school Thursday with me and then went out to drink to celebrate. He had posted sad stuff on fb about missing me, but told the girl it was about her, when in reality, it was about me. & that ended it with them. I think she was a replacement of me, or he was trying to replace everything. Only to try making himself feel better and loved. We hungout again Friday, which is when i saw the messages and yes, i broke down. But then, i realized, after he saw me, he dropped contact with her. I do not like her and i told him that. We agreed to delete and block her and tell her what happened and to have her leave us be. 1 week isn't a lot of time but to me, he knows he messed up and is willing to take things slow. do you think its possible she was just a nothing? He said he really had no interest in her to begin with so he did play her. He knows what he wants and he wants to be with me. What he did was wrong but I don't know what to do
I think it was more of a break than a breakup


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  • may be he is just playing with that girl


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  • ... Talking to a girl who he had gone to school with...
    Let sleeping dogs lie now here, dear, it meant Nothing to him. He turned to someone from the Past that ended up No Blast and from where I am sitting, He... Knows he messed up and is willing to take things slow.
    He chose You over her and with a girl that just popped out of the closet out of nowhere, don't let this rattle your chains. I wouldn't even think to this day of letting in any old friend back into my life with A... Flame that went out a long time ago.
    Good luck and blessings for a new start. xx


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  • not a good idea.


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