What to do while I wait for my restraining order?

Its late and i can't sleep. My anxiety has been messed up since I saw my ex husband in my drive way after I came home from my morning work out. I don't know what to do. My mom and dad tried their best to handle the situation. But I'm very uneasy. I've vented to everyone and for some reason that didn't help. I haven't really eaten anything today and have been feeling lightheaded. It is painful to consume food and drink water. My anxiety has literally made drinking water an obstacle. I don't know what to right now.


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  • I can only imagine it's miserable.

    Take some deep breaths and be mindful of your physiological reactions to this stress. Pay attention to your breathing. Breathe deeply and slowly and focus on a single pleasant image, word or phrase. If you need one: "Dust in the wind." All we are is dust in the wind. :)

    Second, you've gotta eat, not eating is a big part of why you feel bad. So hey, what do you like to eat? Go get it. Whoppers? Wendy's Singles? McRibs? Do it up. Or maybe just some ripe fruit. You've got to have the energy.

    When you've done those I hope you'll at least feel a bit better. Remember to maintain perspective. I keep photos of galaxies on my computer to look at; they remind me how tiny our entire world is--even our galaxy is tiny in all of Creation. So our problems mean a lot to us, but in the scheme of things, they ain't shit. :)

    Good luck and take it easy. :)

    • Thanks. I'm here if you need someone to chat with.

    • Thanks I appreciate it. I don't have many people to be honest and open to without feeling judged or criticized. And your feedback made me feel a lot better
      Thanks again.

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  • Just relax take a deep breath drink some water put some food in you then out your attention elsewhere. Do a puzzle do something that stimulates your mind.


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