How to crack a girl?

how to crack a girl (ex) that acts like they don't want you but you know they do


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  • Firstly give her ALL the attention in the world; just look manly crazy about her (careful not to look like a fool; not desperate; just in love) for a while; try to spend time with her; treat her like a princess.

    after a while; STOP doing all of these things. Act as if you lost interest.

    Act coldly nice & polite; Just treat her as you would treat a friend you TRULY respect but that's it.

    Do not look desperate. Look as if "Life goes on"; if not hopeful.

    If she likes you as you say; she will go CRAZY

    Take care,


  • what if you're wrong...

    • Hypothetcally speaking

    • All girls are different. there's no way to "crack" a girl.

      your best bet would be to use reverse psychology or something. but you are really risking making a fool of yourself.

    • Yea just wondering,

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