Ever had the right person at the wrong time?

Has this ever happened to you? You date someone break up up a few years later get back together and end up married or just happy together? Anyone have this happen to them with a person 3 times?
I had a boyfreind we dated 10 years ago broke up went our own ways but still kept in touch. We recently got back together in August went through a lot together. We found out i was pregnant but complications and am no longer am. We broke up with him needing to get his life in order with job being back from deployment as well as fix life due to lots of issues PTSD, Bipolar etc. Broke up and now he's dating someone else so soon after us. Did anyone ever have that. You guys broke up one or even twice and then someone how get back together because they were worth it in the end? I love this guy with all my heart and even with all his problems I can't see myself with anyone else but him.


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  • you better speak to him say to him how much you loved ,, make him understand


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  • Yes this is a tough one. But if it's the right person then just wait for the right time


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