Did He Do It On Purpose? Why?

During break at school, a few people always sit against the wall in our gym, near where some guys play basket ball. My ex is one of those guys who plays basket ball and I am one of the people who sits against the wall.

The other day, I was sitting there with this guy, talking to him, and I get hit hard with a volley ball; right in the nose. I look at my guy friend who I'm next to and I asked if he saw who did that and he told me my ex kicked it. Now, my ex is the 'punter' or whatever for football and he can kick hard and has really good aim; this didn't seem to me like any accident. A couple other people noticed it too, so we weren't the only two people that saw what my ex did. I let it slip, though, because it had only happened once and, let's face it; it COULD have been an accident.

The next day, I was sitting in the same area and everything, and all the sudden my ex kicks a basket ball at me from a few feet away or less. As the basket ball is about to hit me, one of the ‘basket ball guys’ jumps in front of me and catches it. I turned to my friend sitting next to me and ask her if she saw that. She said, “Yes, and he looked like he was aiming for you.”

I haven’t been to break in a couple days because of yearbook stuff, so I have yet to find out if he will do it again.

So from what you guys have heard, does it sound like he meant to do it? And if he did, why? Was he just getting back at me for whatever reason, being stupid or dramatic, just doing it out of anger or hurt, what? Anything helps- I just want to understand this better! Thanks.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes he did it on purpose, because he wants your attention. It a dumb logic but some people will do anything to get their ex attention. You didn't state who broke it off, but if he is an Punter the was aim for you the first time. Also seeing you with another guy most likely made him jealous as well. Just avoid him because he will continue to do dumb things.

    • Yeah, even when we started dating he said he was the super jealous type and he told one of my friends that I'm just trying to make him jealous with that guy I was talking to.

      He broke up with me because we're in 8th grade and his parents really don't want him to date until High School so he said he didn't want to be in a relationship right now.

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  • your ex is a douchbag and doesn't want to see you talking to ANY male! he obviously has issues that he needs to work on and I agree with The Rule about you not stating who broke it off and seeing you with another guy making him jealous. If he does it again call him out on it and ask him what the hell his problem is! then tell him that your not his damn target because technically that's considered Assault... How is assault defined legally?

    There must be intent to purposely, knowingly, or recklessly cause bodily harm to another. Assault is a serious crime. It is usually classed as a misdemeanor but more serious crimes can be classed as a felony. Several things on the surface can be considered assault but without *specific intent* to do harm then technically assault does not exists. Assault however, is not the actual harm. Only the threat has to be there. The actually causing of harm is known as battery.

    Obviously there was specific intent because he was aiming RIGHT FOR YOU! now I'm not saying charge him or anything but let him know that you won't stand for that sh*t! good luck and I hope the immature douchbag leaves you alone :)

    • K, thanks. Yeah- he broke up with me because his parents didn't want him to date in 8th grade so he basically said he didn't wanna be in a relationship. And he is probably just p*ssed off at me because I moved on to other guys (that he doesn't know, so I didn't flirt with other guys like right in front of him) quickly, which he found out about.. and thought that I cheated on him but that's a different story. And because I completely ignore him... But it's because he's bein a jack @$$

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