Did I make a mistake?

Its been 2 years since my ex and I broke up after 7yrs. I feel we broke up b/c I felt like he wasn't supporting me when I went off to college a hr away from him. I failed a lot of my classes b/c he refused to come see me and I was constantly on the road, working 2 jobs and classes. The final straw was him catching a 3rd DUI in the car I bought him. He quit drinking and beat the charge then started drinking again. I wanted him to open his eyes and figure out the type of person he wants to be, but he is now ignoring me. During our last conversation he said I left him when I went off to school, he lost his rock. Mind you I have been with this man through several charges I have paid for lawyer and bail and bills whn the water and light were shut off. I drove him back and forth to work and school over 80 miles a day until I bought him a car. Why won't he grow up and change amd support me back? He says he wants a family but refuses to be around mine from day 1. I felt like I gave up parts of myself for him. Why does he not see that? He now says it's my fault and I made my choice and he doesn't love me. How does love go away that fast for him and I am still hurting and calling him. I guess I just want to know why can't he give me what I gave him. I put my life on hold so he could have a ride to school and work. Now he graduated and it's my turn but he won't be there. He would rather drink all day then to be happy. I called him today from my work phone and once he heard my voice he acted like he couldn't hear me.
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  • You've done a lot for him, but it seems he doesn't want to or won't return the favor. It's probably best to move on, though I do feel for what happened to you.

  • Some people never change because they don't want to. It's something I had to come to grips with myself so a woman who moved on from me because of my lifestyle is so much more reasonable years after looking back. If he's not willing to change and you can't accept his drinking, then there's no reason to go back because it'll be a source of future conflict. It's really hard to let go of a loved one like that, especially after so many years but you should open yourself up to the possibility of being happy with someone else who better aligns with your lifestyle.


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