How to react to ex playing games?

Long story short, it was made apparent to me by my ex's friends that she wanted to try something whenever she got back after summer. We never really had a direct breakup, yet she believes that i ended things. Besides apologizing for how things went, we had zero contact before her friends told me everything. Now, we text back and forth a few times every day or so. However im the one who has to initiate every time, and she always reads the last message and doesn't reply. It seems like she's playing hard to get. My question is: Am I being petty for getting tired of always having to make the first effort? Or is it a good sign that she is responding at all?
Her friends talk to me all the time and her friends boyfriend told me straight up that she's going to want to try something when she gets back.


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  • You aren't being petty. If a girl really like you trust me she would text you. Don't let this ex step all over you.


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  • I would just dump her for good if I were you. She's wasting your time if she's playing games with you.


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