I think I made the wrong decision?

I broke up with my boyfriend of over a year 2 weeks ago. I miss him so much and I'm questioning if I made the wrong decision with ending things. He is the most caring, loving and faithful guy and really is what you would call a "nice guy". I broke up with him because I feel like there are a couple of pretty big differences between us and that we might be growing apart. I will be going to university in the fall and have big goals for my education; he on the other hand will be starting at a community college and is never very organized with planning out his education and doesn't seem to be very ambitious (even though he says he is). As well I am very health concious (work out a lot and eat very healthy) and while my ex does workout and is open to cooking healthy meals with me or going for hikes, it is not really a big focus in his life. I have felt more recently that although we enjoy spending time together and love either other very much, we are growing apart in certain ways and our goals in life are different. I tend to be very controlling (wanting him to do the things I want) and towards the end of our relationship he was angry with me and started to distance himself. I still love him with all of my heart and in many ways we are very compatible; I have always considered him to be my best friend. Im just not sure if I made the right decision with breaking up with him. Should I give it time? Try to accept him as he is or move on?


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  • If he doesn't help you grow then you did the right decision. You may miss all the good stuff right now but like you said you are starting school in the fall and that is a big door opening for you. If you are serious about your future like you say you are 89% of the guys in a relationship (even woman) get very jealous when their partner becomes more successful than them. You haven't even started school yet there is a big pool of other people who have the same ambitions as you and will help you. Just because you miss somebody doesn't make it right to go back with them. You may be hurt right now but just take this time to focus on you ! Exersice and eat and be you and do not be scared to be happy without a man because as soon as fall comes there is going to be a group of new people waiting for you.


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  • You probably made the right decision. I don't think he could be truly happy with you.

    I tolerated a controlling girlfriend who had to have things her way. I loved her to death but I could not bend any farther. She was incredulous when suddenly one day I decided I had had enough and disappeared from her life.

  • i don't understand y u broke up wid him. life goals shouldn't separate u in my opinion. although i believe being controlin made him lose interest, so i guess u should put away "life goals", and stop being controlin. i think u'll get along if u do it this way in my opinion.


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