Guys, your reaction to how your girlfriend handles a breakup?

okay so you and your girlfriend break up and she takes it and handles it very well, its not ugly at all, she is very understanding and empathetic, the relationship ended because you felt like it would be better for both of you to just be friends and there are absolutley no third parties involved, you both have made it clear that you still care about eachother and want to keep updated with eachothers lives, you always thought she was such an amazing girl but the timing was just off and life kind of got in the way, if you see her out and about in her daily life and she seems like really happy and always smiling and upbeat and positive, how would you feel? would you rather her be moping around eating ice cream and watching sad love movies? whats your opinion on girls who do this? do you have more respect for girls who are really strong emotionally and mentally during break ups? instead of girls who for example, go out and try to hook up with a new guy or are really really depressed? does she leave a happier/more positive image in your mind if she tries to focus on herself and better her career, her relationships with friends and family and maintains a very positive and healthy friendship with you post-break up? any opinions from mature, thoughtful people who have experience in adult relationships are very welcome!


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  • If it was an amiable split, it wouldn't bother me to see her happy.


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  • Most of my breakups were amiable, we just didn't really have the same goals or ideas of what our relationships would be but I always wished them well. A few I'm still in contact with now that they're married and are starting to have kids. No bitterness on my part.


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