Why is he treating me like a stanger?

its been 6 months since my ex broke up with me. i know i am lame and i need to get over him but its hard because he was everything i was looking for in a boyfriend and i am really attracted to him. i felt something when we first me. we always had fun together, hung out alott, and we were very intimate. i thought he liked me, cared about me, and wouldn't hurt me. he always hung out with my friends and my parents to be around me. our relationship started to fall apart since he became a jerk to me saying mean things about me. he used to be really nice and told me how he really likes me a lot. he became distant and dumped me over text. i caught him with another girl a month later. we live right down the street. its really hurts seeing him. when i see him he avoids me and won't even look at me. he acts like i am a stranger. he only talks to one of our mutual friend and nobody else now. he avoids our mutual friends. i heard he acts like a douche and a snob. why is he treating me like a stranger? why do guys break up with a girl saying how much he likes her and then treats her like a stranger?


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  • Guys break up with girls (AND vice versa) in a "nice" way, because they do still have some feelings for the person they are breaking up with and Don't really want to hurt them anymore than they already are by breaking up with them. Which is the WORST thing a person can do when breaking up with another person - if they are sure they no longer want to be with them. Breaking up "nicely" and telling someone "I really like (d) you... etc.. leaves the other person with hope that this is "Not really happening". Which is usually not the case - and you get to sit there sleepless for God knows how long - wondering when they are coming back. He did not want to hurt your feelings any more than necessary when he broke up with you. But he is gone and you need to work on getting over him.


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