My ex clearly told me in person he blocked me. About a month later he messages me to remind me of a deadline WTF?

My husband, who I've been separated from for 6 months, told me he'd blocked me from all forms of communication. About a month later texts me as a reminder to pay my part of the car insurance and remind me he's got a ticket on there from a couple of years ago blah blah blah! WTF? Why send all that? You don't want to talk to me, don't fucking talk to me about ANYTHING!!! We don't have anything together except that and I've never had to be reminded of that before so WTF?


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  • He is insane and shoulda never left

    • I've actually been told several times that he's a cancer I should cut out of my life.

    • Most of ur friends are right.

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  • LOL Looks like he blocked you on a whim out of impulse then forgot that you two had business to handle together.

    • I only chuckle because I've done the exact same thing as him so reading your side of it is kinda funny. :P I've totally blocked an ex from everywhere in the moment of passionate anger then later remembered something I had to say to them

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    • hmm... maybe he's still angry and felt some sort of relief to actually lash out at you instead of holding it inside? That does seem pretty redundant for him to remind you of that.

    • I have no idea, but it pisses me off. I really think he was just trying to convince me to remove myself from the policy, which is impossible if we're still legally married. He went on about me being able to save money since he has that lingering ticket on there.

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  • He wants your money, he doesn't want small talk...

    Seems reasonable to me

    • We've always had that arrangement where we each pay our own car insurance and I've never had to be reminded before, of course I'm paying my car insurance! He's a fucking moron.

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