Why does my ex talk to my about his previous relationships?

He broke up with me 5 months ago but he still calls me and recently said he wants to be with me and that he loves me. Last week when he called me he talked about 2 of his exes and how one of them cheated on him and the other tried to keep him from his family. Why is he telling me about them? Is he not over them? I listened to him but I was kind of uncomfortable.


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  • So I don't get it... He has had two girl friends he broke up with within the 5 months you two have been broken up?
    if this is the case... I think he's coming to realize that the grass on the other side wasn't greener, and perhaps is realizing what he had with you.
    However... Some things cannot be undone, Obviously you still care about him otherwise you would not take his calls... and I don't know if it's because he trusts you or because he's stupid that he talks about his ex's... but it sounds to me like he may be trying to gain some sympathy or in a roundabout way letting you know how he fucked up by breaking up with you.
    it's hard to form a whole picture without more informations into the dynamic of both of your relationship together... but based on what you've said that's what I think.

    • No Both of those exes he was with before he met me. One of them he was engaged to but she cheated on him and got pregnant by that person, and that was about 3 years ago. The other ex he was only with her for 3 months and lived with her, and he broke up with her and moved out then a month later he meets me.

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    • No I don't think so

    • Sounds like then yes, he's probably gone through too much in a short period of time and has jumbled up emotions... I approach with caution if you approach at all... sounds like he has to come to terms with some of his internal conflict, otherwise he will bring that conflict into your relationship.

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  • He could be telling u so that you don't do those same things to him. Cheat etc.


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  • i think he's trying to make excuses for why he broke up with you


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