Why would he refer to us as "we" when we're not a couple? Such As "We Got To go"?

Guy's what should I think about this?


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  • Who fucking cares?


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  • I do not find it any different than being with Just anyone, whether it is mom or dad or who it is, if even one would Say: We have to go and pick up the groceries.
    Just a little Pronoun that is Now, after all of these Years... Being questioned?
    I would be more concerned if he Said: My buddy here and I 'Got to go.' Even if you both are not yet a 'Couple,' 'We' is not bad, just a little term used when meaning 'US.'
    Good luck. xx


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  • Do people who meet for dinner and movie really say "You and I got to go now or you and I will be late to the movie" when they're not a couple?

  • That's when you should step in and say "no, you and I got to go"

    • We'll I don't want to hurt his feelings. It's not like I would be opposed to being with him.

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    • It's not a big deal is it? It shouldn't be anyways

    • We'll saying we usually means you guys are a pair right?

  • well that confusing! he consider you as his partner

    • BUT we're not together and last I heard about it he didn't want to be but that was also months ago.

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