Have you guys ever broken up and gotten back together and are fine now?

So everyone who is in a relationship as of now.

Have you ever broke up with your significant other, and got back together with them.

How long was the break, and how is your relationship now?


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  • Most breaks turn into break ups when the definitions of the break are poorly defined. People don't want to talk about a break in detail because it is too painful, but there does need to be some clarification if a break is to lead to a reunion. Explain why the break is necessary, what terms need to be fulfilled in order for the break to be over, and a time limit so the other person knows when it is okay for them to stop waiting for the break to be over. It may also be good to set ground rules for seeing other people and seeing one another during the break (how much time and space is needed... what can the other person do to facilitate the person who needs the break). I personally don't believe in breaks and won't do them, but if it were to be done, that would be how I would want to do it.

    I was done breaking up and getting back together by the time middle school was over, so I have no success stories for you. Any time I have had a break or a break up with a boyfriend, it ultimately led to us being broken up for good.

    I wish you the best of luck though. There are some success stories everywhere, I think it all just depends on the maturity level of the people (I know divorced couples who are dating or engaged again... it can happen... it's just rare).


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  • same thing happened to me as the anonymous guy down there. breaks are retarded. if you need a break you need someone else.

  • My ex asked for a break... a break turned into a break up.. she was very insulting, very unappreciative of what she had with me.. It's been 5 months since we broke up, and I am still completely heartbroken. I'd tell her to f*** off if she tried to come back.


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  • yeah its kinda weird , but rekindling old flames can be fun :)


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