Is my ex using another girl to avoid dealing with break up?

My ex broke up with me three weeks ago after over a year together claiming he needed time to sort his head out and do his own thing. He said he felt like he wasn't making me happy anymore and that's made him think he's unhappy. He was genuinely upset while saying goodbye to me to. This came as a shock to me due to him telling me how in love with me he is just days earlier and still having a great time together.

A couple of days later he's been spending time with a girl he was dating for a couple months several months before we got together. Is this a rebound, is he just using her for comfort so he doesn't have to deal with his emotions?


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  • Seems like he wanted space from you. I don't see a reason to strike up seeing another girl so quickly after breaking up. But he is an ex now and either way no longer your problem or subject to time spent wondering about him.


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  • I believe that with this Break up here, dear, he is Taking some Space along with 'Needed time to sort his head out' And... Do his own thing.
    He is now what I call 'Spreading his wings' with the Fling thing and is resorting back 'With a girl he was dating for a couple months...' He may have even got up with her during his times he was crying the baby blues with you and Then... Out of the blue, with you both seemingly two Chirping birds of a feather, you no longer Were... Stuck together.
    No, I don't think it was to Cry on her shoulder or find cozy 'Comfort,' however, I do Think he may have been Talking to her before you parted ways and he is Now... Squawking to her about lame duck excuses with Why he broke it Off with you.
    Good luck. xx

    • Well I know they wasn't talking while we was together as I saw a message to her and it was clear they hadn't been in contact since they last saw each other.

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    • She probably did come to mind after we broke up, apparently he owed her money from when they dated hence him contacting her to apologise. Now they are spending time together. X

    • Oh, boy, and with this, it begins.. he cannot be trusted again and you can do better.:)) xx

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  • Or maybe he liked her and broke up with you to date her. Don't mean to sound harsh but that would be my thought.

    • Yes I agree with this.

    • Ok but why would he spend over a year with me.. If he wanted her?

    • Could be he just started liking her again recently, ran into her somewhere, something like that.

      I find that so many people want to make themselves relevant in some way when an ex moves on that they want to think it has something to do with the ex still liking them somehow; most of the time it turns out the ex is just moving on. I do the same thing myself sometimes.

      I know it hurts/sucks to see them moving forward for whatever reason. The best thing you can do is move on yourself and see if the situation resolves itself.

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