My ex doesn't want back with me but keeps agreeing to hang out, why?

My ex split up with me 2 months ago, he thinks I'm too immature and not ready for a stable serious relationship as I go out a lot partying. His words were, 'I am 30 next year and have nothing to show for it, I need to move on to something a bit more stable, I never really knew where I stood as far as a relationship went with you.' Fine.

I was heartbroken and yes embarassingly I cried and begged and tried no contact only to relapse over and over. The thing is, he NEVER initiates contact anymore, when we first broke up he did but not now. He does ALWAYS reply when I text him though. Since we've broken up 2 months ago, we've met up about 6 times for drinks and then he sleeps over and we have sex.

We had a huge fight on Friday night, to the point that he actually left in the middle of the night after I'd fallen asleep and didn't even want sex. Before Friday we had planned dinner and drinks for this Wednesday. I ended up arranging something Wednesday night with the girls as I thought we wouldn't be going ahead with our plans after our fight. I text him today though and said I had made plans Wednesday night but am free Thursday, I added if he'd rather just leave it then that's okay. He replied saying that he was playing football on Thursday night could we do Tuesday or Friday. I'm busy both those nights so I replied no but he could come over Thursday after football and that I'd cook and get beers in. He said that was fine but that he wouldn't be drinking much as he's up early for work the next morning.

My question, our fight was huge, so why is he still up for meeting? Is he using me?

He says he still loves me but doesn't want to be with me, I'm too wild apparently but he wasnts to stay friends. How can he switch off his feelings so quick and hang out with me just as friends plus the sex?

Should I stop seeing him? I'm getting kind of hurt by all of this.

I'm 23 he's 29


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  • I think he's just using you for sex now


What Girls Said 1

  • he wants to be friends.

    • Well that's what he says but why is it always me initiating plans then and why is he continuing to sleep with me?

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