My ex boyfriend told me he loved me two nights ago. Why is he now acting distant?

My ex boyfriend of a year ago, just told me that he loved me 2 nights ago. We have been broken up for almost a year. He has not dated anyone since then. We have talked on and off, more on since then. We have a had a couple of bumps in the road also. He does not trust many people. I told him that I felt the same way. He has been a little distant since telling me he loved me...what does this mean? Please, a guys opinion would be helpful!

well the latest is that we spent some time together over the weekend. It was very comfortable and fun. He is still keeping his distance a little, but I suppose I am too. We discussed that netiher of us were ready to date yet


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  • I don't believe he's playing you. Has he been hurt in the past?

    Give it some more time, be sweet to him.

    It just may pay off big!


    • Yeah I hope you are right. I knew he cared but was surpised that he told me. So I told him that I felt the same way last night. I just don't want to screw things up with him..we have been through a lot together. He also has big trust issues..

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  • It takes a lot of "balls" so to speak for a guy to tell a woman that he was previously in a relationship that he loves her. If he said it he meant it. It is sincere. I would see where this road goes for sure because he sounds like a keeper to me!

    • Well he hasn't said he loved me since the other night. He has contacted me though. I just don't want to be know..i mean he could be just testing the waters.

    • Guys don't test the waters emotionally. If he only wanted to test the waters he would have said something less I'm sure.

  • It sounds like he likes you and might want you back?


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