Girls, if a ex wanted a second chance from you after 3 or 4 years apart would u give it to him?

People change, people grow up and mature... So would you say an ex boyfriend deserves a second chance after you left him 3 or 4 years later? Let's say The break up was due to him lying... He never cheated but he did have girls around him all because he's a decent looking man... Let's say you've had other boyfriends, you've fucked other guys but you still love him... He knows it and you know it but you won't admit it cuz your afraid he'll hurt you again... What would you do in that situation, would you let him in and give him a second chance to prove himself or would u just keep your distance?
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I see a lot of u are voting to stay away but why? Can someone tell me why? Can someone please comment and explain to me why they would keep their distance and stay away?


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  • It depends on the situation. I'm a firm believer in "break ups happen for a reason" and second chances don't work. I've given a few. If both parties are willing to work on the previous issues and try then it's worth a shot but that never likely happens. Usually things go well at first but awhile down the road you're always reminded of why you broke up in the first place and it doesn't last. It's better to learn from the mistakes of that relationship so you can make the next great one that much better. That's what growing is all about. It's still okay to love people from your past and still move on.. And after that much time it usually becomes the memories you shared that you love and not the actual person. Because as you said people change, they grow up.

    • People grow and mature but what if those feelings for that particular person have never changed or faded, what if you feel this deep connection that you want to make grow more and but the female puts you through sooo much hell for no reason? Well... I'm guessing her reason would be fear and lack of trust but as I've said before, people mature and grow and change... I don't want her to be a memory, just another woman I once shared my younger days with... I fuckin hate that part with such a passion that it eats me alive... It angers me because when it pains me... When I experience a lot of pain I get angry...

    • Bah nvm I'm wasting my time probably

    • You in pain probably flatters her in a strange way and so does knowing that you haven't moved on. She probably still has love for you, but as I said both parties have to be invested in making things work for them to. I've played that role too. Thinking the person had to move mountains to get me back and I didn't have to do any of the work because they were the reasons we broke up and that just isn't true. It takes two to tango

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  • When my ex and I broke up, I wanted to get back with him so bad. I cried and begged and prayed so hard that we could get back togetherand I am so glad it didn't work out. He was such a great boyfriend, perfect and sweet and just an amazing person overall. We broke up and he just changed. He tried to hurt me emotionally on a few occasions. He would mess with my mind. All this was back in February until early May. Late May comes and he tells me he wants to get back together and he confessed that he still has feelings and misses me but he's afraid things won't be the same how it used to be (we were together for two years and in love... First loves lol..) well once I kinda gave in and admitted how I felt about him he kinda was like no I don't want to get back together and felt like he just left me hanging thinking we'd actually get together. Right after that, he's with a girl (who they were just friends) you see people's true colors after a relationship, how they act at the end of a relationship says so much more than youve been with them. Believe them when they show you that side

    • Your story was touching... It really put ideas in my mind...

  • It would depend on the level of feelings. I know that out of all the people that I have dated, there is one man I would give a second chance too, no matter how much time has passed. ( years, decades etc). Because everytime I see him, even if years have passed, it always feels like no time has passed at all. When I come back to him, it feels like I am coming home.

    • I wish a woman felt that way about me...😔 I wish she felt that way..

    • Oh I am sorry! If it feels any better, I am not sure if the guy returns the feelings.

  • I no longer have feelings for my ex, I left him for various reasons. Although I'm also fully aware that I still find him physically attractive. I would not go back any time soon. I think it would need to be around 3-5 years later and he'd have to come to me. Even then i'd be pretty weary.

    • But why? Was the relationship ending that bad?😕

    • When I ended it I felt bad about us. It wasn't a bad relationship, but it wasn't a good one either. I think we both would need time to change a bit.

  • keep my distance.


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