How can I be more selfish and not let my ex back?

Becuz everytime he does something wrong we break up and it happened over 5 times and this time I'm done with him so how do I just not pity him? I dont want to date for the next 4 years I just want to be alone, how do I achieve that mindset?


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  • Try to remember you have taken him back 5 times now and that is more than most people would so he has more worn out his chances with you. Remember it is him that has got himself in this situation not you putting him in it. What has he done if you don't mind me asking?

    • Well he's extremely suicidal and suffering from depression he cuts if we argue, I don't argue but he asks about my exes and he gets jealous. I do love him but whenever we argue he drinks and starts cutting himself. I told him to get help, he just won't.

    • Oh gosh well that makes it hard. Does his mum or dad know about this?

    • Well the thing is he was adopted when he was 6 years old by a couple, he considers them as parents and they're usually stuck with work, by the way my ex is 23 so he never talks to his parents about personal stuff.

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  • Ignore him and think of other more important priorities in your life than pitying him. I find looking at things in a more hmmm... organized? rational? (can't find the correct word, but yeah) way and pulling out emotions to be effective, like being a third party who's just looking at someone else's problem.


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  • I did that once, and let me warn you. DO NOT GO BACK. A point will come when he will think, "Hey I can do whatever I want because we always get back anyways." It will destroy you emotionally, and he will stomp all over you if you allow it to continue. If being selfish means having more self respect then, realize that you deserve better. You are a human being who deserves to be treated good and have a stable relationship. Not one where you break up 5 times and it stresses you out.


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