Whats a good way to win back my girlfriend after a misunderstood breakup? how can I show her im sorry and I still love her?

how can i win her back or at least a way to get over her?


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  • You Need to start slow with your flow so you can Both try and Nurture and nurse something that still may not be Over, and in Doing This, your own sweet proof will be in the pudding cup here, dear, there may be a chance for romance.
    This All cannot Be Expected overnight but Earned and you probably will have to work a little harder to Convince her So... No Pressure from your own end.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you sweetie, and glad to been here for you and blessings to you.:)) xxoo

    • thats what i was thinking might work but i kinda wanted a second opinion to see what other people thought bestly girls, thanks for the help :)

    • Oh, so welcome, so happy to be here for you, dear.:)) xxoo

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  • If you love her, show her you love her and she'll get back with you. And by the way, when you're in love you never forget.

  • Think of something she loves a lot, for example my boyfriend made me a poster with pictures of us and funny quotes and it made me extremely happy

  • get her flowers.


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