Is this his way of breaking up with me?

My boyfriend and I met at college, and we have only been dated since March, but when school ended in may we were still really tight. We kept in contact everyday, even if it was just a sinlge text or snapchat. That all ended at the begining of June. We both started working crazy hours, but we both kept in contact when we started, but ever since the beging of June, we dont really talk, snapchat or make plans to see eachother. Now I get we both work, and I dont expect constint contact, or even everyday, but I dont think asking for a simple convo once a week is asking much. I started snapchatting him, and he FINALLY has been responding, but they have been very brief, impersonally, almost monosyllbalic responsces, and nothing like they used to be like (us being goofy, making fun of eachother, etc). So my question is, is he trying to break up with me withouth telling me, or is this just a distance thing (still not okay, but...)? He is my first boyfriend, and a friend of mine asked if this was a possibilty, and I dont know anymore. Are we unoffically broken up?


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  • I experienced the same and we ended up breaking up. Talk to him about it and find ways to make it work instead of confronting his actions that will just result to a fight. men gets bored in the relationship if you don't see each other. keep the fire burning between you two

  • you're broken up.


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