How do you get over someone?

I went to Australia with a group of people for three weeks. We didn't know eachother or anything at first but we all became friends. A week into it I liking someone and he sort of found out, or maybe I found out he liked me. It was something like that. Anyway, we started dating. And it was really awesome. I knew we would have to break up, but I thought I would have time in the airport to say goodbye to him. Unfortunately I didn't. We almost missed our flight. I got his number, but now he won't reply. I don't know. Also he lives in Alabama and I live in Minnesota.


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  • I had to go through rejection and moving on, and I was really emotionally hurt. But after a while, it just heals itself and doesn't hurt anymore. Just do things that you like to distract yourself from him, and it'll be much easier to move on.


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