Anyone ever taken back an ex? Guys and Girls

If so, how did it turn out?

How long were you broken up before you got back together?

Who broke up with who?

For what reasons?


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  • Horrible. My boyfriend and I have this dying love for each other but we don't work together at all. So we ran back to each other even when it was an unhealthy relationship.

    We broke up about two times seriously. The first time, I broke up with him because I found out he cheated a year ago (the first through third month we started dating, so I found out after our 1 year 3 month anniversary) and we were broken up for five months. It was great once we got back together actually. Then I went to college and he got insecure and I needed space and get used to my college schedule. So we broke up for a month and got back together. It wasn't exactly great after that but it wasn't bad either.

    Now, three years of being together he breaks up with me when I found out he had cheated ONCE again! HE DUMPED ME. It usually doesn't work out.

    Have you ever seen he's just not that into you? Well, in my case if you have "im the RULE, NOT the EXCEPTION". Some people ARE the exception. Not me. It simply did not work out in the end.

    But then again that was my fault for taking back a cheater.

  • yea I have. had been together for almost two years. he broke up with me, but then we got back together 23 hours later. (yes, hours later)

    he broke up with me because we are in a long distance relationship. he had seen one of his ex's from middle school. they had not hung out together since then. that was five years ago. he had kissed her and he told me that he thought he still had feeling for her.

    But they talked, and we talked, and we sorted everything out.

    we are celebrating our two year anniversary tomorrow actually, dec. 10

    so far its been good.

    its hard being so far apart but were working on it.

    we still have arguments and the occasional hang up when were on the phone, but other then that, it feels the same.


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