What does it mean if the guy you're talking to says his ex wants a second chance but he doesn't know what to do?

he says that he likes me more.

and he doesn't think he's gonna get back with her

but he's just trying not to hide things from me


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  • He prob wants to see your reaction, and how you go about it. If he senses that your not intimitated by him talking about questioning his ex and him then that will let him know where you stand in terms of a relationship... Or maybe he just wants to let you know that way your not left out of what he's dealing with?


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  • Sounds like the kind of guy who will be haunted by memories of his ex, for one reason or another for a bit.

    Doesn't sound like he's totally over her yet.

    • I don't know he says that she jus annoy7s him and even now keeops arguing with her and he's done but I don't know what to believe he always hads\s excuses for things and I'm really gettin sick of it but weneva I ask if he don't wanna tal;k like that nemore then he says I wanna still talk to you and don't get mad I'm lyk WTF FML he jus makes me aggravated but I like him idk

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  • Who dropped who?

    Is he friends with her?

    How long ago was the break up?

    How long did they date for?

    This all is a factor in this question.

    • They went out for 4 months and they broke up like a month ago and and theyre not really friends like that he says she gets on his nerves and all they do is still argue and she's a waste of time but now he's starting to ignore me a little bit but wenever I ask if hwe wants to just be friends or tell him I'm good with his sh*t hwe begs me not to be mad and gives me reasons not to be and says he still likes me more than her and wants to talk to me FML he's makin me miserable right now lol

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    • I don't know I ask him if he wants spoace and that he can do wateva he wants and have all the time he wants but I won't be around forever and I've repeatedly asked if he jus wants to be friends because I'm not one of those girls who likes to be all crazy and stuff I like str8 up answers and jus move on I hate games and being dragged along and I don't know if I wus want them to gbe friends she has said to people that she is doen with him and he has said that he is done with her I don't kn I jus gotta let him do him

    • Beginning of relationships is suppose to be new, fun and exciting. Yours sounds like its requiring to much effort. I don't think it will get any easlier on you down the road if all this drama keeps up.

      if he is worth it to you. Try to avoid the "ex" conversations and make him see the fun in the relationship and how it can be.

  • He's probably trying to show respect for you by saying that, just so it doesn't cause drama later down the line.


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