What should I do with stubborn feelings?

i am a type of man who really wish to have stable relationship.. i broke with my ex few months ago she left me without saying any reason , i respected her decision i was feeling bad for 2 month's after break up which is make me really lost my weight from 95 kg to 79 and now 76 kg... i don't have any feelings for life or desire for food or sex or anything, 3 days ago one girl she started to like me and call me but somehow when i talk to her i open my phone looking to my ex photo and really i have i have tearing eyes.. i look to her photo and i ask her in my mind why u let me talk to who i don't want to talk to but i have to.. why you let others knock my door when i am totally in love woth you , i confirm really im not crazy but i just love you. now i feel im stuck i dont want meet new girls i dont feel going with friends , i just feel lost.., everyone say try to do something New , meet new girl , travel.. but nothing work with me , i dont know what should i do? she don't want me anymore, and i will never force her to be with me when she don't want to be with me ... i never message her cuz i feel like i don't want to insult my self and i respect my self but really im tired alone seems like im burning my self for her and i don't want her to see me like that.


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  • Only time can tell. In a few months time she might be at your doorstep crying about her new breakup.
    I was in your position this time last year and I am so happy and comfortable with myself now. I know it's hard constantly checking social network sites and looking at her pics maybe that's the reason she left you, because you were too clingy and girls HATE that that's why she left you for another. I promise you life won't get any better if you sit and sob about it all day. She isn't completely over you I promise you that but you wanna know how to get her back or to ACTUALLY move on? Do something with your life get out the house go parties, museums you name it with your friends and try avoid going on your phone a lot. You also lost a lot of weight well done. My ex left me someone else I began stuffing my face cos I thought no one wanted me but you did the exact opposite. My ex now is still with his girlfriend but came running back to me. It didn't seem like he was fully satisfied with her I just give him short replies and I've lost so much wieght I can tell he wants me back. Anyway do what I said above and thank me later x

    • no need to thank you later i thank you from now for your kind advice and your helpful opinion but just 1 thing i want to tell is... i really don't want her back as much as she touched another one as my interest in her is totally gone the feelings of being special abd for me only now its gone 100% i just want to get up again really and i think if she come back i will hurt her badly like i never done before therefore it's better off , because i know i won't regret pushing her away she the one who left is mean she is the one who will regret plus i never search her on social websites i just look in her photos with me on my phone before, thank you again for your kindness and ur good opinion.

    • Darling don't thank me I just want to advise those who I was once on the same boat with and OMG no!!! No no no! Don't hurt her. I have a male bestfriend he is the sweetest his girlfriend left him for another he was shattered. Guess who came crying to him? She did. You know what he did , he killed her with kindness he advised her n gave her the help she needed but at the same time kept his distance she was so confused she thought why is he so kind? I shouldn't of left him! Then when she asked about his love life he told her he's finally seeing someone he really likes, she couldn't stop crying and begged for his forgiveness. Moral of the story ' do good and good will come to you' don't ever be the person that hurt you rather be better then them no matter how bad they did you. Being bitter won't get you nowhere, and you'll also live life happier knowing the girl that leff YOU wants you back but you don't want her and you're a better person!!!

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  • Dude just relax. Seems like though you may have been in love with this girl you forgot to love yourself. So practice and learn, remember its just practice for the girl you end up with. No worries

    • the problem is i wish i can be fine this breaking up make go through psychological sickness such as high level of worries and whenever i have normal argument in my work i feel all my body is seriously shaking and visible to anyone stands beside me i thought im sick organically but after i check the doctor said you just need to relax seriously seems you went through hard sadness caused disorder in the nerves which is causing a serious shaking from any argument or worries. and now i am seriously thinking of aavoiding her in case she want to talk i just feel like i am really done , as much as i loved her so much as much as i don't want to see her face again after what happened to me i dont know when i will heal from this strange sickness i know its all depends on me to relax to be able to recover faster. i really want to come back normal again and i don't want to say i hate her now instead of love because i love her still but i feel im really done. no more.

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    • thanks bro well said " better she's gone it open other doors " i like this part because i see other better doors opening and just waiting me to be ready to take a step towards it , thank you bro.

    • No problem bud

  • how tall r u? yer weight sounds healthy, unless u r very tall.
    seems like u are obsessed wid yer X. and u cannot forget her, even if other gals like u. although if i was u i'd rather message her and see IF... if she responds back. if she doens't i'd rather force myself forget bout her since there's no better option as it seems

  • I don't know if this helps, but I don't think you need to "meet new girl" or try something new. You have to re-find yourself first. Get your health straight first of all, because that's more important than anything right now. And I know how cliche it sounds, but just focus on yourself and do whatever it is that can't get your mind back focus and life headed into a more positive direction. You should definitely give yourself time to grieve, but don't let it consume you to the point your wasting away. I'd also recommend getting rid of anything you physically have that reminds you of your ex if it's possible. You'll think about her, but you can't be physically seeing her anywhere because that won't help at all. Don't worry so much about "finding someone else" until you've got yourself back to a place in your life that you can honestly say your happy with you and ok that things are over between you and your ex. Best of luck and wishes.


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