Girl dumps me after sex, says she can't stop thinking about her ex after the night I spent at her place?

So I met this girl at college, and she and I are on two completely different wavelengths. But, We hit of pretty well and over a month we had great dates, and she finally invited me over her place to spend the night. With her things were going perfectly fine, it never felt like she was a stranger. We held hands and did all the things a new couple does! However, two days following the night at her place, she texted me saying that she was thinking about her ex ever since the night we spent together, and that she didn't know that she was still stuck up on him. She ended up dumping me, and to be honest I am having a hard time getting over her. I just wanted to write her a letter after a brief period of no-contact and tell her how I feel about her, and if she would like to get back together, without any pressure. I understand that she needs time, but like she doesn't have to completely pull the plug on something that was going so well. I am confused whether I should send the letter or not. I really like her, and if anything I would love to have her back in my life, I mean after all if she is just stuck over an ex, she could get over it because they broke off in the first place.


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  • Easier said than done with an "EX." Her heart is with him, her head as well and with This... She ended up dumping me.
    She could have also gave you a lame duck excuse for telling you This because she felt she and you were going too fast into the waters and she got cold duck feet. It could be true of the skeleton still in her closet and then again, who really knows what goes through someone's head, even after Thinking... Things were going perfectly fine.
    You could find some answers, even if it would be a closure here, dear, but make it light and semi sweet and not too Desperate, clingy, by telling her how you like your company and would love to hang out again and if she needs anything you are there for her, even as a friend.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Rule of thumb son.

    Don't try to understand someone who doesn't even understand themselves.

    It takes two whole people to make it work, and this chica? She's only half a person. She needs time to discover the other half or this would never work. Whether if it works with YOU, or with that ex, or someone else entirely? That's up to her to decide.


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  • at least she was honest with you. myabe she needs some more time. or maybe she's really not thinking you can get her mind off of him. either way, just give her some space and time.

  • What a bitch. Next


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