How can a guy change his mind so quick?

So me and my ex have been broken up for a month? First couple weeks of the break up it was clear that he still kind of still had feelings for me.

He was supposed to go to his country but he said he couldn't imagine leaving me for 6 weeks, even after we broke up.
But just last week he booked the tickets, and said he doesn't like me anymore and that the part of him that did was just an "old" part of himself. How is that even possible? Is he supressing his emotions, or does he truly not care anymore?

I'm just baffled as to how someone can go from loving you to not giving a fuck in just under 2 weeks... Help?


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  • He gets over things very quick, that's just how he is.


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  • If he cared or had any attachment he wouldn't be leaving right now.. There's a chance he may be torn between the two but feels he has to leave.. Wait till he gets back then talk about what's going on. Let him know before he leaves you still love him and you'll be here when he comes back.

    • How can he be torn between the two when he picked going back when he promised he wouldn't. He said he doesn't know what to think right now, so I'm giving him space. I still have feelings for him and I told him that but he doesn't and it hurts.

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