Why haven't I gotten over my ex yet? It's been a ye since break up and we dnt rlly talk anymore?

I have tried the usual distract yourself , go out wit friends more go on dates , more time wit your hobbies..


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  • Maybe because you haven't let go of him fully. Do you still think about him often? Is it usually the good memories you guys had? You probably have not accepted the break up and there's hope inside you that maybe your love will rekindle again.

    I'm kind of in the same boat as you. My ex seems to have gotten over me but I am still kind of struggling to get that damn asshole out of my head.

    • Ya i still do :/ Ya I try hard to frgt but we have mutual friends and hell tlk about him n etc. And we broke up for stupid reason just cuz I might move in the future for a career and wasn't even forsure so I guess I keep thinking tht it's stupid and couldve worked he doesn't kno the future. How long have u guys been broken up?

    • I understand it's super hard, you have to start realizing you can be happy without him in your life. And there are moment where you are happy without him..

      And one month now lol! I know it seems like a short time but yeah. I've been in a 5 year relationship before as well and no matter how many times we broke up I couldnt get over him until I fell in love with someone else.

    • Ya it's rlly hard he was the best too which sucks. Ya I've been trying other guys and they all suck lol o ya 5 years is a long time , we dated for 3. Ya the first month sucks the most. Ya pretty much all my happy moments r wishing he was there too. But I am happy for him everything is going perfect for him living on his own with friend partying getting job downtown and moving there with a friend. tht just makes it seem to suck more cuz wish I could've shared tht wit him

  • I don't know why but you just have to. It's time.


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