Guys, should I tell my ex-bf I am seeing other man?

He broke up with me for his time of life (fucking around) after 6 years dating.
And he couldn't hold to have sex with other woman right after our break up.
He is still seeing me and having sex with me time from time, I have been weak and I couldn't refuse him, sometimes I even go make it happen, just because this is the only way I can see him.
Once on bed he told me he doesn't want me to have sex with other man and he was joking that I won't get satisfied, coz me and him having amazing sex all the times.
But knowing he is fucking around and pretend I am okay with it and still sleep with him is not really okay... I am so hurted from inside. So this time when he lied about he is going back home ( the other country) for a week- but he is here and he wants to be free to see other girls, I decide to see other guy and give myself a chance.
Luckily there a guy who likes me and we went to a date, all went good, he was very gentleman, walked me home in the end.
Last night I was sad bcoz I know from my friend that my ex is seeing other woman, so I went to the new guy. We just slept together without sex, he respected me. I felt bad for the new guy, he is a good guy, it feels I am using him.
I am wondering, should I tell my ex I am seeing other one and I won't let him keep me around anymore? Or just be silent and date the new guy? I know this question is not very smart, bcoz I shouldn't still expecting my ex back to my life after everything he did... But the only problem is that, my heart is still with him... And I hope there is something can suddenly wake him up and go back to our little sweet home...


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  • You should follow your heart into a relationship but follow your head out of a relationship.

    You are hurt mainly because you have disrespected yourself. You feel badly about what you have done. . . but you continue to do it.

    1. Think about your life 5 years from now. Will you still be with the old boyfriend? Will he still be unfaithful to you? Will you be unfaithful to him? How does that fit with your long term goals?

    2. You are using the new guy. If you break up with the old boyfriend and you feel you are emotionally available, you should continue dating him. If you are not ready for another relationship, you should tell the new guy and probably break up with him.

    3. You need to determine what standards you will have for your personal conduct and dedicate yourself to not violating them. This will help to restore your self-respect.


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  • If you are serious about the new guy then absolutely tell your ex. If you intend to keep having sex with your ex while seeing this new guy, you should tell him also.

  • Yeah, since you are still seeing the ex, I would tell him.


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